Commit 4a928dd2 authored by encounter's avatar encounter

HIDListenerIOKit: Avoid warning from USBmakebmRequestType

parent 57cb96c1
......@@ -24,7 +24,9 @@ static bool getUSBStringDescriptor(const IUnknownPointer<IOUSBDeviceInterface182
// hard disk programming in the 80's!
IOUSBDevRequest request;
request.bmRequestType = USBmakebmRequestType(kUSBIn, kUSBStandard, kUSBDevice);
request.bmRequestType =
USBmakebmRequestType(static_cast<typeof kUSBRqDirnMask>(kUSBIn), static_cast<typeof kUSBRqTypeMask>(kUSBStandard),
static_cast<typeof kUSBRqRecipientMask>(kUSBDevice));
request.bRequest = kUSBRqGetDescriptor;
request.wValue = (kUSBStringDesc << 8) | idx;
request.wIndex = 0x409; // english
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