Unverified Commit 6996ebfb authored by Phillip Stephens's avatar Phillip Stephens Committed by GitHub

Merge pull request #105 from lioncash/collision

CCollisionPrimitive: Minor cleanup
parents aa956fff d2a44dbc
......@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@ namespace urde {
const CCollisionPrimitive::Type CCollidableAABox::sType(CCollidableAABox::SetStaticTableIndex, "CCollidableAABox");
u32 CCollidableAABox::sTableIndex = -1;
CCollidableAABox::CCollidableAABox() {}
CCollidableAABox::CCollidableAABox() = default;
CCollidableAABox::CCollidableAABox(const zeus::CAABox& aabox, const CMaterialList& list)
: CCollisionPrimitive(list), x10_aabox(aabox) {}
......@@ -44,11 +44,12 @@ class COBBTree;
class CCollisionInfo;
class CCollisionInfoList;
class CInternalRayCastStructure;
typedef bool (*ComparisonFunc)(const CInternalCollisionStructure&, CCollisionInfoList&);
typedef bool (*MovingComparisonFunc)(const CInternalCollisionStructure&, const zeus::CVector3f&, double&,
typedef bool (*BooleanComparisonFunc)(const CInternalCollisionStructure&);
typedef void (*PrimitiveSetter)(u32);
using BooleanComparisonFunc = bool (*)(const CInternalCollisionStructure&);
using ComparisonFunc = bool (*)(const CInternalCollisionStructure&, CCollisionInfoList&);
using MovingComparisonFunc = bool (*)(const CInternalCollisionStructure&, const zeus::CVector3f&, double&,
using PrimitiveSetter = void (*)(u32);
class CCollisionPrimitive {
......@@ -136,7 +137,7 @@ public:
virtual zeus::CAABox CalculateAABox(const zeus::CTransform&) const = 0;
virtual zeus::CAABox CalculateLocalAABox() const = 0;
virtual FourCC GetPrimType() const = 0;
virtual ~CCollisionPrimitive() {}
virtual ~CCollisionPrimitive() = default;
virtual CRayCastResult CastRayInternal(const CInternalRayCastStructure&) const = 0;
CRayCastResult CastRay(const zeus::CVector3f& start, const zeus::CVector3f& dir, float length,
const CMaterialFilter& filter, const zeus::CTransform& xf) const;
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