Commit af7d8e90 authored by Lioncache's avatar Lioncache

CUVElement: Provide initial value for cv in GetValueUV()

The game executable itself sets this variable to an initial value of 1
prior to calling cycleFrames' GetValue() member function.
parent 35fb0e49
......@@ -42,7 +42,7 @@ CUVEAnimTexture::CUVEAnimTexture(TToken<CTexture>&& tex, std::unique_ptr<CIntEle
void CUVEAnimTexture::GetValueUV(int frame, SUVElementSet& valOut) const {
int cv;
int cv = 1;
x28_cycleFrames->GetValue(frame, cv);
float cvf = float(cv) / float(x20_tiles);
cvf = float(frame) / cvf;
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