Commit da4a33f0 authored by Lioncache's avatar Lioncache

CCollisionPrimitive: Default virtual destructor

Same behavior, but more consistent with the existing interface, given
a constructor is defaulted.
parent 9cbe8ba8
......@@ -137,7 +137,7 @@ public:
virtual zeus::CAABox CalculateAABox(const zeus::CTransform&) const = 0;
virtual zeus::CAABox CalculateLocalAABox() const = 0;
virtual FourCC GetPrimType() const = 0;
virtual ~CCollisionPrimitive() {}
virtual ~CCollisionPrimitive() = default;
virtual CRayCastResult CastRayInternal(const CInternalRayCastStructure&) const = 0;
CRayCastResult CastRay(const zeus::CVector3f& start, const zeus::CVector3f& dir, float length,
const CMaterialFilter& filter, const zeus::CTransform& xf) const;
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