Commit e0e38b56 authored by Lioncache's avatar Lioncache

CAtomicAlpha: Remove .data() call in SBomb constructor

We can just use the std::string_view constructor for std::string, which
eliminates an unnecessary strlen call.
parent 18eb2b73
......@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@ class CAtomicAlpha : public CPatterned {
pas::ELocomotionType x10_locomotionType;
float x14_scaleTime = FLT_MAX;
SBomb(const std::string_view locator, pas::ELocomotionType locomotionType)
: x0_locatorName(, x10_locomotionType(locomotionType) {}
: x0_locatorName(locator), x10_locomotionType(locomotionType) {}
bool x568_24_inRange : 1;
bool x568_25_invisible : 1;
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