Commit fa7785d0 authored by Phillip Stephens's avatar Phillip Stephens

Fix GetAreaFog

parent ea12a54a
......@@ -288,7 +288,7 @@ public:
CAssetId GetAreaAssetId() const { return x84_mrea; }
const CAreaFog* GetAreaFog() const { return GetPostConstructed()->x10c4_areaFog.get(); }
CAreaFog* GetAreaFog() { return const_cast<CAreaFog*>(GetAreaFog()); }
CAreaFog* GetAreaFog() { return GetPostConstructed()->x10c4_areaFog.get(); }
float GetXRayFogDistance() const;
EEnvFxType DoesAreaNeedEnvFx() const;
bool DoesAreaNeedSkyNow() const;
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